SFQ-A-1300 -Vertical Automated Slitting Machine

  1. Slitting Material: BOPP - PET - CPP etc

  2. Independent Master Control Panel

  3. Automatic EPC for unwinding

  4. Photocell is suitable for tracking edge and color of transparent material

Vertical Type SlitterVertical Type Slitter

LWQ-A-1300-CCL Horizontal Slitter

  1. Slitting Material : BOPP - LDPE- Laminates

  2. Unwind and Rewind Separate Units

  3. Full Auto Tension Control

  4. Magnetic Powder Brake for Unwinding Tension Control

  5. Magnetic Clutch control for Rewinding Tension Control

LWQ-A-1300 Aluminum Slitter

  1. Slitting Material : Aluminum Foil

  2. Standard Manual Tension Cards

  3. Chain Spocket Machine Drive

  4. Control Box Electric Panel